Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Customer Service in Australia and Malaysia

Recently I have to request for documents from the Australian and Malaysian company (I will not mention whether it's government or private companies). I was only given about a month to produce these documents to another company and Christmas is coming up so I really wanted to settle this as soon as I can.

Anyway, I prepared the forms and got all documents certified etc so I can submit them. I would like to share my experience with you....

Australian Company

(dialling office number....)
A: Thank you for calling XXX...press one for ..., two for ... (bla bla bla)
Me: (pressing number and waiting)
A: Good Morning, this is xxx (name) how can I help you?
Me: Good Morning, I would like to book an appointment for xxxx.
A: I'm sorry, but we can't book appointment from this office. Please call our headquarter. Give me a sec, I will double check this for you.
Me: Thank you...(put on hold)
(...few seconds later)
A: Hello, you still there?
Me: Yes
A: I've checked and I think you should call our headquarter at this number 12345678. You can also check the website www.xxxxxxxx.com , you will be able to find other information in there. Is there anything I can help you with?
Me: That's alright. I will call the headquarter. Thank you very much.

Malaysian Company

The phone calls were made for many times but I summarized it as follows:

(dialling office number....ringing for one million years and I hung up)
(after a few seconds, I tried calling again and after a few rings, it was answered)
B: Good Morning. This is MMMMM.
Me: Hi Good Morning, I would like to book an appointment for xxxx.
B: Ok. The earliest I can see here is (bla bla bla).
Me: I see. Could you please make it in December because I have only about a month's time to produce the documents to xxxxx?
B: No, it's full already.
Me: In this case, can you please send an email to me to confirm the appointment so I can show the email as an evidence to xxxx that I have made the appointment but it is after the due date.
B: No.
Me: erm...okay, then can I send you the email instead and you just confirm the appointment?
B: No, we don't do that (sounding a bit rude at this time)
Me: Just a simple email will do. It doesn't have to be long.
B: No. There is no problem with your appointment. If there is, we will give you a call. Ok?
Me: (dissappointed)..erm..okay.
B: Alright, bye.
Me: Bye.


I was so frustrated. Nevertheless, I still get an email address from the website and sent an email to them. After a few minutes, the email bounced back - failure notice: mailbox is full!!!

From this experience and many other experiences I've had for the past few years dealing with these companies, I have come to realize that in Western countries, people dealing with customer service are generally friendlier and they are always trying their best to help extensively, whereas in Asian countries, people tend to be very selfish and inconsiderate when it come to people's problems. This reflects what kind of attitude the society has possessed or cultivated.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

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