Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interesting Sightings from Brisbane City to Byron Bay to Canberra

Samsung HD a bird

A baby kangaroo is spotted in Brisbane City! So cute!

A raksasa is on top of the museum near Cultural Centre..

A teddy bear hanged himself because Christmas has ended...

This is disturbing...

Canberra City

Creepy looking statues

Chocolate and chilli ice cream....tastes better than it sounds

Beautifully decorated sushi plate ...Yummy~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pizza from HELL

Check this out!

My sis and I decided to have pizza for lunch yesterday after all the stress from moving house. This is a very interesting concept and I surely like how they decorated the place.

Tell your family to go to hell??

Hell Calendar 2010


My sis, while waiting for pizza

Decided to try to coffin seat. Note the leg sticking out from the coffin.

the Devil

just chillin

Come and try Hell Pizza!

Take a look at the menu...

Holy water?

OOooo...I wanna try Kahlua and White Chocolate Cheesecake...

We ordered Gluttony and Envy...with spicy toppings

Cool car plates

Comments on pizza taste? Delicious and recommended! YuMMyy. =)

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