Saturday, October 30, 2010

Simple French White Tip

This week, I decided to paint a basic french manicure..simple, neat and clean =) After a long stressful week and not having enough sleep this morning (thanks to my noisy neighbour), this is exactly what I need...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Water Marble Nail Art

My first attempt at water marble after watching a few tutorials on youtube... =) It was fun to watch the nail polish disperse on top of the water and fun create the marble design.

First, I tried on artificial nail...

Then on my nails! It was so messy...took me about half an hour to do on all my nails and I had to change the water because after a while some little bits of nail polish floats on the water surface and then my nail polish stops spreading out. I messed up some designs as well so had to start all over.

I couldn't take photos during the process as my hands are wet and dirty. =P Anyway, it was simple and fun, but annoying to clean up the excess polish from your fingers and side of your nails. It feels sticky and uncomfortable. Maybe I did not do it the right way? When I use the cotton pad, parts of it stick to my other fingers and nails. It's not easy.

Here are some photos of the result...sorry it's not tidy as I was lazy it's too hard to clean the side of the nails. So hungry and dinner was ready so I rushed. =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nail Art - Puppy Paws~

I miss my dog so much I had to paint this design so that every time I look at my fingers I think of her. =) I hope you like it.

The nail polish I used for the paws is L.A. Girl's Copper colour with diamond powder and white tea extract.

Nail Art - Simple Red French Tips

Tried a simple french manicure last week...I was using L'Oreal's limited edition of terra glow and Bloom's Honolulu for the tips, and of course finishing it with clear top coating to protect. =)

Cute Puppy Pictures