Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Lunch at Bretts Wharf

This year we had our company's Christmas Lunch at Bretts Wharf...


Roasted vegetable salad with house made ricotta, basil puree and torn croutons (for vegans)

Gooralie free range pork with walnut crumble, caramelized apple and organic yoghurt (I ordered this)

Escabeche of gold coast tiger prawns with asparagus, citrus fruits and tomato

Lobster and bowen mango cocktail, iceberg and toasted brioche


Mushroom crusted darling downs beef with potato whip, roasted laidley tomato, shiraz jus served medium

Grilled mahi mahi with granny smith apple coleslaw, noosa spanner crab vinaigrette

Roasted pumpkin, spinach and ricotta rotolo, grilled asparagus, salsa rossa (for vegans)

Prosciutto wrapped loin of sovereign five star lamb with sebago gnocchi, broccoli, served medium (I ordered this)

..and gulp gulp...Yummy!

Presentation of awards


Christmas pudding with brandy butterscotch sauce, vanilla bean ice scream

vanilla creme brulee with stone fruit salad and coconut (I ordered this)

Bowen mango and valrhona chocolate trifle

Group photos

Overall, it was well organized, top notch food, great company and I had a fantastic time! Thanks to my colleague, Riette for organizing a great Christmas lunch and also to the staff at Bretts Wharf for their excellent service!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Nail Art - Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought of painting something Christmassy on my nail to get me in the mood.

I used Gcocl's green (No 6), red (No 1) and Be Yourself's Soft White for this nail art.

First, I paint my thumb's nail the green as base coat and did french manicure on the other four nails. To make sure they are straight lines, I used cellotape as shown above and when dry, remove them.

As for the dots, I used the end of a hairpin I don't use anymore...

Red and White dots on my thumb's nail...just like the Christmas tree. =)

...and then red and white dots in a straight line for the other four nails...

Leave it for about 15 minutes. Make sure it's really dry or it'll smudge when you paint the top coat over it. I used Cutex's top coat for this.

Finished! I hope you like this simple nail art design for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! =)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Nail Art Printer

After waiting for one and a half month, my nail printer finally reached my doorstep!

It comes with seven colours and six plates with different designs I can play around with.

I had silver colour on my nail for a week. I know I should remove it and paint fresh base coat before trying the nail print but I was so impatient...=D so please ignore the slightly chipped silver coating on my nail ...

I tried the cherry ones first...

So Christmassy~

Blue footprints ^_^ again, please ignore the dry skin and chipped nail polish on my thumb Haha...can't believe how lazy I am..

I will try new prints and post some up soon!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Cut My Brother's Hair

Last week I cut my own hair...this week, it's my brother's.. LoL

I'm still not very good at this..I should practise more =)

The BEFORE look...




The Back...

The Side

The front...LoL


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ang Ku Kueh

My first attempt at making ang ku kueh (glutinous rice cake with mung bean filling) with limited resources =P

No ang ku kueh mould... I used fork instead LoL

No banana leaves... substitute?..baking paper =)


Cute Puppy Pictures