Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cute Handmade Earrings~

While buying "taufu fah" (soy bean pudding) at Calamvale last weekend, I saw these cuteeeee handmade earrings (JomulakCat) in a Korean grocery store! Look...

It's clay art. I think they are really cute and neat. It was made by the lady at the store, Mina Hwang and she can also customize the earrings to suit you. Her designs are unique and only one in the world.


It's Spring! More Nail Fun

French Manicure

Went to my friend's place few weeks ago and she did this for me =)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nail Fun Again

Just want to share what I've been doing to my nails for the past few weeks. =) I am really enjoying this.

I applied BYS Nail Enamel Coconut Ice colour as a background and then the nail sticker. Then the top coat to protect and make it shinier. It lasted for a week!

I was having a hard time choosing the nail stickers because I have small nails and big nail stickers just cover the whole nail. Sometimes I had to cut it to fit the size of my nail.

I also tried the BYS Nail Enamel Cracked Red at Carindale's Cosmetic Plus. Look at the effect!

I chosed white for the background behind the cracked finish. After applying the BYS Cracked Red, I watched the cracks form as it begins to dry. It was amazing! It only lasts for a few days because the side of the crack came off when I was washing the dishes. I'll remember to apply two layers of top coat next time. =)