Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Hooters, River Penang and Max Brenner in One Day!

So we decided to go to Robina Town Centre to visit River Penang for some decent Malaysian food. We have been driving down to River Penang almost few weeks in a row now because I am craving for Cha Kueh Tiaw (Malaysian fried 'flat' noodle) and I just could not find any good ones around Brisbane to my disappointment.

Anyway, thanks to my husband's cousin, Jon, we were introduced to, in my opinion (not sure about you), one of the best Cha Kueh Tiaw closest to where I stay! Hooray!

Best part about River Penang is that it is just next to Max Brenner!! So you can definitely hop over for a chocolate dessert.

We ordered fried tofu..

Hainanese Chicken Rice...

My fav Cha Kueh Tiaw! Yummmy

Next, we went to The Hooters at Mermaid Beach...

Massive Pork Ribs..


Really spicy chicken wings

Lamb Ribs...

We enjoyed some dance performances from the Hooters girls.. ^-^

Okay, right after Hooters, we drove allll the way back to Robina Town Centre to have chocolate by the bald man...we were so stuffed!

Omg, look at the never clears especially at this time..

We did found Max..and got an autograph from him LoL

Well, the following weekend, we drove to Robina again for another lunch session at River Penang!

Nasi Lemak..

Beef Brisket

Hong Kong style Ice Milk Tea (teh si peng?)

Ice Kacang drink...

And to think that after all these food, I am going to have more during Chinese New Year celebration in Kuching! I have to go exercise.. =)

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  1. Hooray for Max Brenner! Haha :P Happy Chinese New Year in advance, Marrel! (Just in case we don't get to see you before you fly off...)